Research & Development

In our laboratory, we develop innovative products customized to your expectations in line with current market trends and technological developments. Our core competency lies in the development of cosmetics and natural cosmetics on one side and detergents, polishes and cleaners on the other side. One focus of our research is the development of high performing, environmentally friendly, certified cleaners. Following the trend of natural cosmetics, we have developed an extensive portfolio of basic formulas for body care cosmetics with the BDIH seal and are constantly working on extending our product range.

In close cooperation with manufacturers of raw materials and packaging suppliers, we are constantly testing new raw materials and the latest packaging. Naturally, we carry out stability tests on the product as well as packaging design, and provide samples for market research and sales presentations. Our staff will accompany the newly developed product all the way to manufacturing in production scale, and thus provide the optimal implementation in the supply chain.

Our portfolio as a full service company ranges from benchmarking, formula development, to packaging selection, all the way to the graphic design of the packaging. In close cooperation with Quality Management we are also happy to organize dermatological skin tolerance tests and performance tests with reputable external providers as well as marketability and safety assessments.
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