Full range of Cosmetics

Our product portfolio ranges from bath additives, shampoos, liquid soaps and massage oils to after shaves, nail polish removers and deodorants.

We are especially proud of our Natural Cosmetics production.

Our Product Range

Body Care Description Packaging Content ml
Shower Care Showergel, Aroma & Cream Shower Bottles, Tubes 30 - 1,500
Bath Foam & Cream Bath Bottles, Tubes
Oil Bath Oil Bath, Oil Shower, Body Oils Bottles, Glass bottles
Liquid Soap Miscellaneous Variants, Liquid Medical Soap, Liquid Creme Soap Dispenser, Refiller
Body Lotion Moisturizing Cream, Anti Aging Q 10 Bottles, Containers
Baby Care Baby cream, Baby Oil, Baby Bath Bottles, Containers, Tubes
Foot Care Foot Gel, Foot Bath, Foot Cream, Foot Sprays Bottles, Sprays, Tubes
GMP Description Packaging Content ml
Face Care Day & Night Cream, 24h Moisturizing for dry & sensitive skin, for normal and combination skin Bottles, Tubes, Jars, Sprays 10 - 1,500
Anti Aging Day & Night Cream, Serum, Masks, Gels Tubes, Jars, Sachets
Eye Care Anti Age, Q10, Hydro Sprays, Tubes, Jars
Nail Care Nail Oil, Nail Serum, Moisturizing Cream Tubes, Jars  
Cleaning Cleansing Gel, Peeling, Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Toner, Washing Foam Bottles, Tubes
Make-Up Cosmetics BB Cream, Covering Creams and Mousse Bottles, Jars
Eye Make-up Remover sensitive and for waterproof make-up (ophthalmologically tested) Bottles
Cosmetics for Men Description Packaging Content ml
After Shave Eau de Cologne, Balm Glass Bottles 10 - 1,500
Face Care Day & Night Cream, Moisturizing Cream, Anti Age, Cleansing Gel Bottles, Tubes, Sprays
Beard Care Beard Oil Bottles
Body Care Shower Gel, Deodorant Bottles, Tubes
Special Products Description Packaging Content ml
Nail Polish Remover Miscellaneous Variants Bottles 15 - 500
Hand Desinfection 50ml for on-the-go Bottles
Eau de Toilette Miscellaneous Variants Glass Bottles
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