foot care by Donau Kanol

5/25/2020 foot care by Donau Kanol

Would you like to launch a new product? 
Then you are absolutely right here with us. 

We developed a totally new range of fourteen night-care products,
which we are happy to offer you at any time.
Including refreshing jelly masks, anti-varicose-veins-tonics & odor-neutralizing cleaning gels,
with exciting active ingredients and characterful fragrances.

If we have aroused your interest and you would like to get more information,
you can contact us anytime. 
Our product management is looking forward to present you detailed information and first product samples.
contact person:
Simone Lecheler
product management
Donau Kanol GmbH & Co. KG
phone: +43 7588 7282-5654
From vision to product - the team of Donau Kanol is happy to support you in implementing your idea through to the finished product.
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