House Care

Innovation meets convenience: Special cleaners that react to the requirements of new appliances. Dishwasher cleaner, washing machine cleaner, hygienic rinse agent are only three of the latest developments of Donau Kanol.

Many years of experience and constant benchmarking make the Donau Kanol to a competent partner in the development and contract filling of household cleaners.  

Our product range

 Special cleaners Description Package Standard size  in ml
Disinfectant products kill viruses, bacteria and germs through antibacterial ingredients   50 - 1.500
Dishwasher cleaner intensive cleaning and care for dishwashers of all kinds. Cleans the spray arm, filter and drain pipe and fights against lime, fat and dirt. NEW: 2 phases  Bottle with cap with wax diaphragm 250
Washing machine care cleaner removes unwanted depositions, lime and dirt even at spots that are difficult to access and offers an all-round protection for metal and rubber components. It provides for a hygienic cleaning and extends the life span of the washing machine. Bottle with clip clasp as well as wih childproof lock 50 - 250
Standard cleaners      
Rinse aids the pllishing effects make glasses and dishes shine as new. With water stain-blocker Bottle with push-pull-cap 50 - 1.500
Room spray air freshener or room freshener with odour absorber Pump bottle 30 - 500
Washing-up liquids diverse kinds with highest grease dissolving power and skin compatible surfactants Bottle with push-pull-cap 50 - 1.500
 Fabric softener makes the laundry cosily soft and reduces elektrostatic charge. With intensive and long-lasting scents Bottle with dosage cap  50 - 1.500
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