Natural Top Cleaners

Biologically degradable Top Cleaners made by Donau Kanol are Eco Label certified with the official Austrian Eco Label and the Eco Flower of the European Union. These environmentally-friendly Household Cleaners combine strong performance with environmental sustainability. Innovative active ingredients of renewable raw materials  are the basis of the new cleaner generation of Donau Kanol. The power of nature replaces aggressive chemicals effectively and powerfully.

All Eco Cleaners made by Donau Kanol are modern cleansing agents on basis of renewable or natural raw materials such as citric acid, soda, spirit, eco-tensides, lactic acid or coconut oil. Also the fragrance components comply with the strict criteria of the eco labels and the "Öko Test" and mainly consist of essential oils.

Constant research and development as well as the close cooperation with our suppliers guaranree a continuous extension of the product range.

The European Eco Label evaluates the overall impact of the product on the environment: from raw materials to the final disposal. Product testing conducted by an independent institute affirms equal results in terms of performance, simple usage and quick effect compared to conventional cleaners.

The Eco Cleaners made by Donau Kanol achieve the same cleaning effect as conventional cleaners with reduced dosage. All used raw materials are very good biodegradable and no dangerous ingredients are used.

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