Facts & Figures

9 filling lines

Filling lines for
  • Flammable products in bottles and canisters
  • Liquid products in bottles, tubes and jars
  • Creams, emulsions and pasty products

Type Size of unit
Flammable products 5 - 5,000 ml
Liquid products 30 - 1,500 ml
Cosmetics 5 - 1,500 ml
Tubes Diameter: 5-50mm; Hight: 40-250mm
Jars Diameter: 20-70mm; Hight: 15-500mm


Environmental data

Within two years, the electricity consumption for every tonne produced could be reduced by more than 15%, the savings of fuel oil amount to almost 30%. At this point, the effects of our new heat recovery system become significantly clear. We actively contribute to the reduction of co2 emissions.

Significant improvements could also be reached with regard to waste management in the amount categories of commercial waste and cardboard packaging.

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